Fashion Design Advanced Modules

On this page, you'll find a curated collection of our optional Advanced Modules, each tailored to specific genres. These modules become available for purchase after you've completed your first two assignments successfully. Every Advanced Module comprises one module and one assignment, and upon successful completion, you can download a certificate of achievement.

Menswear Illustration


In this module, you will learn the fashion illustration and rendering process that will help you create your menswear collection that forms an integral part in developing and communicating your design ideas visually.

– You will get to know various tools and techniques that are used in the illustration and rendering process.
– You will get the Knowledge and tips to communicate your ideas of components like male fashion figures & heads, colouring different skin tones, textile, and garment rendering


What is Fashion Illustration?

What is The Difference Between Design Illustration and Editorial Illustration?

Fashion Illustration as a Career

History of Fashion Illustrations

Erté (Russian/French Artist)

J.C Leyendecker (American Illustrator)

Carl Erickson (American Fashion Illustrator and Visual Artist)

Andy Warhol (American Visual Artist)

René Gruau (Italian Artist)

The Dissolution & Resurgence of Fashion Illustration

Contemporary Fashion Illustration

David Downton (English Fashion Illustrator)

Richard Kilroy (British Fashion Illustrator)

Dahren Davey (London-Based Artist)

Studying the Work of Fashion Illustrators

Tools and Materials

Introduction to Hand Tools Used for Illustration

Drawing Tools and Materials

Drawing Tools

Erasing Tools

Rendering Tools and Materials

Marker Product Lines

White Gouache

Wet Media

Rendering Papers & Materials

Tracing Paper

Rendering Papers

Buying Tips

Prisma Pencils



Introduction to Digital Tools Used for Illustration

Computers or Macs

iPads, Digital Pen & Digital Drawing Tablets

Digital Equipment: Scanner

Preparing Your Illustrations

Reference Files & Collection of Data: Collecting Inspirational Images From Magazines and the Internet

Organising Your Workspace

Tools Selection

Research & Sketchbook

What are Fashion Sketchbooks?

Ways to use Fashion Sketchbooks

Capturing Inspiration and Planning Outfits

Designing & Planning Garments

As a Diary

Fashion Illustration

Croquis Body Shape

A Dedicated Space for Making Notes

Additional Design & Sewing Information

Male Fashion Figures

Introduction to Male Fashion Figures

Drawing From Life

Male Fashion Proportions

Exaggerated Male Fashion Proportions

Develop Your Pose

Working From Tearsheets

Contrapposto, Plumb Line

Male Body Structure and Anatomy

Structural Study

Male Fashion Legs

Male Hands and Feet

Male Back Views

Develop Your Male Fashion Figures

Marker Skin Tones

Shadows on Legs

Male Fashion Heads


How to Begin Drawing Your Male Fashion Heads

Drawing Notes

Male Fashion Heads: Eyes

Male Fashion Heads: Mouths

Male Fashion Heads: Hair Styles

Male Fashion Heads: Diversity

Drawing and Rendering Male Fashion Heads

Drawing Garments and Flats


Drawing Male Garments

Shirts and T-Shirts

Trousers & Denim

Suits & Blazers

Technical Flats

What is a Technical Flat?

What are The Important Elements?

What are Some Ways That it can be Used?

What is a Float?

Difference Between Flats and Illustrations

Creating Fashion Flats: The Essentials

Drawing Accessories





Fabrics & Embellishments

Prints and Stripes


Embroidery and Embellishments

Fabric Manipulation


Silk or Satin


Rendering Garments

Rendering Garments in Colour

Colour Basics






Active and Athleisure Wear

Casual Wear

Tailored Garments


Rendering Fall Garments


Rendering Fall Fabrics

Digital Illustration Techniques

Collaging Plaid

Combining Photos with Drawings/Rendering

Digital Rendering

Collage Techniques

Composing Groups

Presentation of Rendered Illustrations

Preparing the Composition/Overall Placement of Rendered Illustrations

Fashion Collection

Illustrating Your Collection



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